Pro Life vs Pro Choice

I am unabashedly "Pro Life". I believe life begins at conception.

I don’t like labels. I am law abiding, and I am uncomfortable, like many of you, with abortions. “Pro Life” and "Pro Choice” are not the neat boxes we are lead to believe. My religion and my gut tell me that abortions are wrong, yet this is a very complex issue. Roe v Wade was decided by nine unelected citizens in black robes, unlike in the UK where it got a national vote. Many people are morally opposed to abortion, yet don’t necessarily think it should be out of reach for other people who feel differently. 

A few things are clear to me: abortion should never be used as birth control, partial birth abortion is morally outrageous and the selling of baby parts is beyond reprehensible. I believe that we can reduce the rate of abortions by enhancing services to families. 

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