September 27, 2018 | Maine First Media

Here is a very well-done documentary on the progressive liberal who lives behind a wall, surrounded by a moat, and where the only way in is by yacht or helicopter. I have said all along that I will hold townhall-style meetings every month around the district so as to be accessible and accountable to the people of Maine's 1st district! That’s what a U.S. Rep is supposed to do!.

September 18, 2018 | Press Release


The League examined the positions of each candidate and found Holbrook most closely aligned with their issues. Holbrook is the only pro-life candidate, a strong advocate for religious liberty, and is deeply committed to family values. He opposes Physician Assisted Suicide and supports School Choice. These positions make Holbrook the unqualified choice of the Civic League.

The Augusta based Christian Civic League of Maine advocates for Christian values around the state. Its network of pastors, churches, and people of faith make positive contributions through legislation, charitable work, and supporting like-minded politicians.

Holbrook’s positions and character match those of the Civic League. He is an active member of his Baptist church in Brunswick and is willing to share his Christian faith with others.

The Civic League urges all its supporters to vote for Dr. Mark Holbrook for Congress.

When asked for a comment Mark said: "I am very honored to have the endorsement of such a prestigious organization. I know the League is very particular about candidates they select to endorse and their criteria are stringent."

Mark went on to say: "I am very humbled to be among the small group of people who are aligned along the right side of a such a righteous organization."

Mark is the political outsider and not beholden to any group and that's why they are so scared of him.

September 13, 2018 | Press Release


Most of Mark's life has been devoted to helping others. From his work as a police officer in the service of his community to his work with inner-city abused and abandoned children, Mark has placed service for the greater good above self-interest and that's why we want him advocating for us in Washington.

Quietly, without fanfare, and as only a humble man could, Mark has provided hundreds of hours of free mental health services to indigent veterans.

Medicare and Social Security-vital support for our seniors:
On Thursday Mark will be holding a town hall-style event to talk with concerned citizens on the topics of Medicare and Social Security.

These important programs have been under threat of insolvency creating fear and uncertainty for many Maine people who rely on them.

When asked for a comment: "I want to hear from the people who will be most impacted by any changes made to these programs."

Join Mark at City Hall in Saco, ME on Thursday, September 13th from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

Mark went on to say: "Maine needs an advocate for Maine citizens and I understand Maine people and the needs of Maine people and I will work to help them."

Mark is the political outsider and not beholden to any group and that's why they are so scared of him.

July 19, 2018 | Press Release


Based on recent intelligence findings reported on by the news media it appears that the Russians were monkeying around with different aspects of the 2016 election cycle. That is, they paid for ads on Facebook and sent phishing e-mails to people who worked in places where voter data was stored and to some campaign workers. That said, the intel agencies have not reported a single vote was influenced.
President Trump spent 2-hours with Putin and I would be very disappointed if alleged Russian tampering in the 2016 election cycle took up more than 10-minutes of their time. The Russians are factually the cause of lot more mayhem than what they did to our election in 2016. For example, there is Crimea, Syria, Iran, the 298 deaths from the Malaysia Airlines plane that was shot down in the Ukraine in 2016, or the more recent nerve gas attacks in England.

Holbrook went on to add:
“Where was the left’s outrage when then President Obama sent his covert campaign team to Israel attempting to defeat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? Obama also sent $350,000 of taxpayer money to support Netanyahu’s opponent."
"The truth is, the nefarious scoundrels in the upper floors of the Department of “Just-us” and the FBI have done far more damage to this nation’s sovereignty and to our democracy than the Russians ever could have."


June 20, 2018 | Press Release


Brunswick, ME – Dr. Mark Holbrook (R-Maine) issued the following statement after hearing about President Trump's Association Health Plan reform.
"Yesterday, President Trump announced the Department of Labor has cleared the regulatory pathway to allow small business, sole proprietors and their families to form associations! They will also be allowed to negotiate across state lines! This means lowers costs, more flexibility through customization, and personal freedom! ”
Under this new rule, Association Health Plans (AHPs) can serve employers by city, county, state, or a multi-state, or even a particular industry nationwide. This means more choice and it will bring down the cost of buying health insurance. The AHPs will be customizable to tailor benefits to small businesses. The AHPs will also reduce administrative costs and strengthen negotiating power with insurance providers.

Holbrook went on to add:
“I was advocating for Association Health Plans back 2016 as a way to lower health insurance costs for Americans and I am thrilled by the work U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta has done on this problem! It means more choice, more access and more coverage for Americans!”

June 12, 2018 | Press Release


Brunswick, ME – Dr. Mark Holbrook (R-Maine) issued the following statement after hearing about President Trump's success in North Korea.
"For the first time in seven decades we have the very real prospect of peace on the Korean peninsula thanks to the efforts of President Trump. That means the rest of the world is a much safer place today. Trump achieved this momentous success without shipping plane-loads of cash to the regime or giving up any concessions. They are even going to recover POW/MIA remains from the Korean war and return them to their families.”
If NOKO follows through with this plan it will cement President Trump's place in history as the best President of our time. There is no way anyone can minimize world peace and this is a huge step towards that epic goal. The question remains if KJU can keep his military leadership in line and avoid NOKO deep state subversives from sabotaging this historic process towards peace.

Holbrook went on to add:
“President Trump has effectively taken the the big stick away from the neighborhood bully in that region and he deserves all of the credit. It will take a lot of time to finalize this process but we are finally on the right track. President Trump is a warm and humane leader who was likely very moved by the brutal killing of Otto Warmbier and in my view, that was the impetus for the focus on NOKO.”

May 10, 2018 | Press Release

Brunswick, ME – Dr. Mark Holbrook (R-Maine) Candidate for ME 1 issued the following statement after reading Rep. Pingree’s statement regarding the dissolution of the Iran deal otherwise known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Has Rep. Pingree ever read the plan? She said: “President Trump’s decision to unilaterally break the Iran nuclear deal is unjustified, reckless and will make our country less safe.” “The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JSPOA) [sic] was working.”

“Based on those irrational statements she is unqualified to be a member of the U.S. of Representatives.”

“Let’s look at some details of the Obama/Kerry deal with the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, Iran. The JCPOA was never signed by Iran relegating it to nothing more than political commitments by our progressive liberals to placate the terrorists. While Iranians were chanting “Death to America” Obama/Kerry sent plan loads of cash to Iran ($150 billion) and terminated the arms embargo.”

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Khamenei, reminded us that he views America as “the Great Satan” and vowed that Israel will be eliminated within 25 years. He said:

“That is a very wise saying… First of all, in 25 years you will not be alive.…God willing, in 25 years there will be no such thing as the Zionist regime in the region, and secondly, during this period, the fighting Islamic spirit will not give the Zionists even a single day of serenity…”

“If Pingree thinks we can trust the Iranians to negotiate in good faith she is Pollyanna.”

Iran the bully-nation. Iran continues to take Americans and other Westerners hostage, detaining at least five Americans and six other Westerners since the nuclear deal was reached. The Iranian regime brutally represses its own people and violates the human rights of ethnic, national, and religious minorities with impunity.

So, what did Obama/Kerry do in the face of this tyrannical theocracy, they made it easier for them upgrade their military arsenal! What part of the JCPOA is in the best interest of the United States or any peace-loving nation Rep. Pingree?

The deal legitimized the Iranian enrichment program for the first time ever, and it would have accelerated nuclear proliferation as other nations demand the same right. The Iranians would have had in thirteen years or so advanced centrifuges that enriched uranium fairly rapidly, making the breakout time zero.

Site inspections came with the requirement of anywhere from 24 days to several months notice! That’s right, we are going to call the crack-heads and let them know we’re going to “inspect” their homes to make sure they aren’t cooking meth. We were not able to unilaterally demand inspections. That decision would have required a majority vote from the 8-member Commission.

Obama/Kerry acquiesced on the requirement Iran disclose their past nuclear activity. Not demanding Iran report how far along their program is, places us at a distinct disadvantage and leaves our intel community in a position of playing a dangerous game, Battleship; “hit”, “miss”. We are at a distinct disadvantage having to guess how far along they are. It’s a reckless guessing game that we have failed at repeatedly. The United States failed to predict the first Soviet atomic test in 1949, the first Chinese test in 1964, the first Indian test in 1974, the first Pakistani test in 1998, and the first North Korean test in 2006.

Iran was free to walk away from the agreement at any time. The JCPOA made it very difficult to impose new sanctions or re-impose old ones should Iran behave badly.

As with all of the attacks on our Second Amendment, where laws are imposed on law-abiding people, knowing full well only righteous people will follow them, the criminals will work unimpeded. America would have followed the rules but Iran would have flouted them.

Iran was allowed to modernize and expand its military to include intercontinental ballistic missiles which could deliver a nuclear warhead to our shores. After eight years Iran would have been allowed to stockpile significant quantities of enriched uranium, use advanced centrifuges to enrich uranium on an industrial scale, and build heavy water reactors. More and more nuclear weapons!

And then there is the arguably most idiotic provision of all, the United States would have to defend Iran if they were attacked by one of our biggest allies, Israel. How stupid was that!

In her hyper-partisan and strictly ideological perspective, Rep. Pingree says the agreement should be salvaged. “We should build off the JCPOA to address Iran’s missiles and support for terror, not rip up a functioning agreement.” Okay, Pingree, let’s build off it. Occam’s razor would suggest that we can salvage the paper it was written on. Rep. Pingree is woefully incompetent as a legislator and must be defeated in 2018.

April 19 Mark Attends Maine Taxpayers United pow wow
Dr. Holbrook attended the Maine Taxpayers United tax day rally on April 19th in Lewiston. A non-partisan organization with one simple goal, make our government more efficient with our tax dollars! Who can disagree with that?

March 25 Mark Emcees MAGA Rally
Mark led a Make America Great Again march and rally in Augusta, and provided emcee services. The event was a rally to support President Trump, veterans, police officers and first responders. The rally also collected food donations for various food pantries.

March 5 Mark Attends "Listening Tour" Event
Mark attended the Senator King "listening tour" at U.S.M. Over 600 people were there to speak their minds. 

March 4 March 4 Trump Rally in Augusta
125 brave and patriotic Mainers braved 10º and 20 mph winds to gather at the State House for a rally in support of President Trump. Mark lead the march and was able to meet many new constituents. 

February 25 Mark Brought His Family to the Washburn Living Museum
Mark, his daughter, and wife went to Livermore and visited the  Governor Washburn museum. They sampled food typical of the times, bought several books, and learned a great deal Maine’s Civil War Governor.

February 21 Mark Addressed Sagadahoc County GOP
Mark was invited to address a large crowd at the Sagadahoc County Republican Committee. The title of his speech was “How to Get Conservatives Elected in CD 1. Following his speech  was a Q&A session.

February 16 Mark Attended the Larry Lockman Session at USM
Mark went to the University of Southern Maine to support Representative Larry Lockman. Larry talked about the adverse impact illegal immigrants and refugees are having on Maine.

February 11 Mark Attended the Defund Planned Parenthood Rally in Portland
Mark stood out in the cold on Congress Avenue in Portland holding a sign supporting efforts to defund Planned Parenthood. The group endured taunts and yelling from the Pro-Pingree, abortion on demand crowd. While there Mark was interviewed by WMTW. You can see the brief interview here.

January 31 Mark's Answer to Protecting Casco Bay
A recent Portland Press Herald article exposed the many problems associated with the aging Portland sewer system. Shockingly, the sewer system dump hundreds of millions of gallons of untreated sewage into Casco Bay annually. This untreated mix of household sewage, street run-off, chemicals, medical and industrial waste, and assorted byproducts is pouring into the Atlantic Ocean and our own Casco Bay; and under the current repair plans, this will continue for decades to come!

The bottom-line reason for this calamity is, of course, The Bottom Line.  The cost to Portland taxpayers and Water District rate payers for a new system for the next century has to be spread out for decades.  The infrastructure problem is big, and the potential environmental impact is huge spreading far beyond our city and state boundaries.

Doesn’t it seem logical that this project should be included in the enormous National Infrastructure program working its way through Congress right now?  There is finally some legislation with bipartisan support in Washington, but why isn’t this First District project top of the list?

I have already written to House Speaker Ryan and President Trump, explaining the desperate need and asking for their assistance to avoid the potential environmental and economic disaster we risk with each gallon of pollution flowing in the Portland Harbor.  I encourage other Mainers to do the same!   

Where is Portland’s Voice in Congress?  

Chellie Pingree, endorsed and funded by numerous environmental groups, has remained curiously quiet on the topic of sewage in Casco Bay.  Maybe she can’t see it from her jet as she flies from Portland to Rockland.  She has plenty to say about international issues and global warming; and is quick to criticize any word or action of President Trump and the Republicans in Congress — but does she do anything for our District?   

What about the shoreline of her District?  From East End Beach in Portland, Willard Beach in South Portland, Crescent Beach State Park, Kettle Cove, in Cape Elizabeth, to Scarborough Beach, Ferry Beach, Pine Point Beach, Higgins Beach in Scarborough, and south to Old Orchard Beach, and East to Thomas Point Beach in Brunswick, to Popham Beach, Sewall Beach and Head Beach in Phippsburg; take a swim in Maine’s waters and you run the risk of sucking in some of Portland’s discharge. 

Untreated sewage contains E.coli and salmonella which present significant health hazards. These toxins threaten our food chain from lobsters and clams to fish, muscles, and oysters.  Destroy our seafood industry and watch our tourism industry disappear as well!

Portland has been struggling to fix the problem for 20 years and they are only halfway there. The current, locally-funded plan would help reduce the storm water problem by a mere 10%.  

Piecemeal repairs over the next 20 years are not acceptable solutions while the health and wellbeing of Maine people and the state’s economy are at risk. Allowing such a massive problem to continue should be unacceptable to every man, woman and child who cares about the world we live in. 

This is unacceptable to me. I believe we must be better stewards of our natural resources than what the current local plan offers, which is why the project needs a national profile and a more immediate solution. 

To avoid a true public health crisis completely and forever Portland needs financial help from the federal government.  Our member of Congress, in a District representing every beach on the Maine Coast south of Belfast, has done nothing to help the City of Portland. 

Her priorities as a member of the House Appropriations Committee needs to focus on the real needs of our District.  For example, she sent taxpayer money to a private yacht company in Rockland, so they could remodel a lounge; and also allocated federal funds to refurbish the runway in Rockland where she arrives by charter jet… but she’s accomplished nothing to help mitigate the environmental disaster happening right now in Portland Harbor.

Maine needs help cleaning up our water, and America needs help cleaning out The Swamp that is Washington!  The Ruling Class of entrenched politicians, who put a higher priority on yacht club lounges and private jet runways, than untreated wastes pouring into Portland Harbor, needs to be replaced.  

That’s why I am running for Congress. I will go to Washington and help clean up the fecal matter there and in our own Portland harbor.

Mark Holbrook

January 30 Mark Interviewed by WMTW Mark was contacted by several news organizations regarding his announcement to run for CD1 again. Paul Merrill interviewed Mark. Mark stressed that no other candidate had run back to back campaigns in CD 1 before and he was going to build on the 165,000 votes he received in the 2016 race.

January 28 Mark Addressed the Maine Republican Committee
Mark addressed the 16 county representatives of the Maine Republican Party and announced that he was a candidate for Maine’s 1st Congressional District. By the time he drove home his phone was ringing off the hook and his email was blowing up! His supporters were offering money help to defeat Pingree.

January 24 Mark Attended the Knox County Republican Committee Meeting
Mark was able to address the KCRC and thank them for their support throughout the previous campaign.

January 14 Mark Attended Hands Around the Capital
Mark was invited to participate in the Hands Around The Capital in support of the Maine Right To Life group. It was a bitter cold day but Mark, his wife, and daughter were among 400 other people holding hands surrounding the Capital.

January 13 Mark Co-hosted Talking Maine
Mark co-hosted one of Maine’s longest running radio talk shows on WLOB, Talking Maine with host Kevin Crooker.

January 11 Mark Addressed York County Group
Mark addressed a large group gathered at the Alfred Town Hall. Mark gave a rousing speech about the importance of Maine Patriots working together to elect conservative candidates throughout every level of government.

January 10 Mark Addressed Knox County Group
Mark, along with Rick Bennett, Dave Emery, and representatives from the Maine Heritage Policy Center addressed a group of about 40 people discussing pathways to getting candidates elected.

September 20 Mark Attends E2Tech
The Environmental & Energy Technology Council of Maine (E2Tech) seeks to build and expand the State’s environmental, energy, and clean technology sectors. Mark was invited to present at their "Election 2016" event and received a warm reception for his future-looking, open-minded approach.

September 10 NRA Weighs In
Mark's campaign received a surprise $1,000 contribution from the National Rifle Association. The NRA is heavily engaged in defending encroaching anti-gun ballot initiatives in many localities across the nation (including Maine!) and understandably focused on helping current 2nd Amendment office holders in office. This contribution was unexpected and represents a significant endorsement. As a Certified NRA Instructor, Mark promises to keep teaching here in Maine!

September 7 Carly Fiorina Endorses Mark!
The former Presidential Candidate visited Portland, Wednesday Sep 7, to endorse Mark's Campaign. After lunch, Ms. Fiorina, a rising star in the Republican universe, spoke to an audience of 100 for thirty minutes. Her consistant theme was the corruption which results from the concentration of power in Washington and the need for a return to the citizen-legislator. WMTW reports

August 29 Sportsman's Alliance of Maine Endorses Mark!
"Congratulations!  The Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine Political Action Committee (SAM PAC) has endorsed and awarded our highest grade of A+ for your candidacy to the U.S. Congress. We appreciate the time you put into our lengthy questionnaire." read full letter 

August 24 A Diaster for Maine
The Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument was discussed and debated at great length and then voted on numerous times, and while most of the people nearby did not want it, President Obama just signed it into existence. 

“The spin may sound great to some... but this is another case of our President’s use of his pen to bypass Congress, the Maine Legislature and the people most directly affected by this controversial National Monument,” stated Dr. Holbrook. 

“Rich and powerful insiders, including Maine’s current First District Rep Chellie Pingree, have urged the President to take this arbitrary draconian action – that amounts to a federal government land grab. The mandated buffer zone surrounding the monument will drive the last nail in Millinocket’s coffin. The President has signed another Executive Order to jam something else down our throats and tacking away more of our freedom.”

Holbrook concluded: “If the Quimby family truly wanted to bestow a gift to the people of Maine then why not give the land to the Baxter State Park Authority? Why destroy any chance for Millinocket to recover and prosper? Both the Quimby family and our President are driven by a deeply flawed socialist ideology. As I have said repeatedly, how much more damage will this President do before his term ends?”

August 24 Maine Heritage Policy Center
I attended the Freedom& Opportunity Luncheon honoring Suzanne and Rupert Grover at the Holiday Inn by the Bay. Governor Paul LePage gave a heartwarming and very personal speech about the husband and wife team from Oxford County. The Key Note address was Chris Cox from National Rifle Association.

August 23 Maine GOP Fundraiser
I attended a fun fundraiser at the Augusta Country Club to benefit the GOP’s absentee ballot initiative! About 50 donors from both Congressional Districts where there. It was a lovely setting right on the golf course!

August 23  Decision America 2016
I attended the rally in Augusta! Franklin Graham gave a very inspirational speech to thousands of people! I met people who recognized me as a candidate from parades earlier this year and others who knew me from church. It was a wonderful afternoon!

August 5 A Vist with The Donald
I was given VIP status at the Trump rally in Portland today! It was a backstage pass to the biggest show in earth. Merrill auditorium was wrapped up tighter than an airport sandwich with all of the Secret Service agents, Portland Police officers and Maine State police guarding the event.

Of the 38 people allowed on stage behind Mr. Trump 10 of us were taking back down to the 1st floor where we greeted Mr. Trump and had our photograph taken with him! Despite all that was going around us I found him to be warm, engaging, forthright, and he took the time to speak to me about my campaign!

Back on the stage our Governor, Paul LePage, made a rousing introduction! The Governor speech was witty, personal, and dead on target regarding Mr. Trump being exactly what our country needs right now!

Merrill auditorium seats 2,000 and the place was packed to the rafters! Trump stayed on script and hit all of the high points Maine voters needed to hear! Secure our borders, pause immigration, rebuild our military and get our economy going in high gear!

July 21 Times Record
The Times Record in Brunswick did a feature piece on Mark that made the front page above the fold! The reporter, Nathan Strout, exceeded our expectations in accuracy and in the abersence of political spin. See it here

June 14 Find Your Polling Place
Use this link from to find your voting station.

June 7 WGAN Radio
Mark was on WGAN this morning with his primary opponent. Mark's oppoent refused to answer direct questions from the two hosts! The lawyer-speak betrayed his liberal attitudes. Listen now

June 1 MPBN Television
Mark was on MPBN with Jennifer Rooks for a “round table discussion” of the issues. You may view the show here.

May 28 WLOB Radio
Mark was guest on Kevin Crocker’s Talkin’ Maine radio show.

May 28 WGAN Radio
Mark was interviewed by John MacDonald. Hear it

May 25 Bangor Daily News
Mark's OpEd on political correctness was published in the Banger Daily News. Read more

May 25 MPBN Radio
Mal Leary joined Mark on a walk down Main Street in Damariscotta.

May 24 The Dick Giroux Show
Mark was interviewed by Dick Giroux on the Dick Giroux TV show.

May 16 Smart and Savvy Unedited
Mark was the guest on the Biddeford Cable access channel.

May 14 WGAN Radio
Mark was interviewed during a break from teaching the NRA course to to be interviewed live on WGAN radio. Several people called in to say how much they enjoyed Mar’s straight talk and that they appreciated he didn’t talk like a lawyer.

May 14 NRA Pistol Course
Mark was in Scarborough training a group of shooting enthusiasts at the Scarborough Fish and Game Club for the NRA.

May 13 Portland Press Herald Op Ed
The headline of Mark;s most recent OpEd piece in Portland Press Hearald: "1st District GOP candidate: Unlike Pingree, I take the drug problem seriously" Read more

May 7 Meet and Greet
Art Boulay and the Brunswick Business Center hosted a meet and greet for Mark.

May 6 Forecaster Interview
Mark was interviewed by a reporter from the Forecaster.

May 1 Mark Wants To Keep Truckers Safe
In June of 2014 the body of a truck driver, Michael Boeglin was found in his burned out truck in Indiana. He had been shot then set on fire. Many truckers want to be able to carry firearms for self-defense, but the nature of their business makes it a legal minefield. They often travel throughout the lower 48 states in a matter of days and weeks. They may have a permit to carry a concealed weapon in one state but no state has 48-state reciprocity. As a result of this discrimination members of the trucking industry have introduced “Mike’s Law.” It proposes nationwide federal firearms reciprocity for those who are professionally engaged in interstate commerce. While I firmly believing e state’s rights I think it is past time for a federal law supporting our constitutional right to carry firearms.

Apr 23 Standing Ovations - ME GOP Convention
Mark Receives Standing Ovations Mark gave a rousing and uplifting speech at the Maine Republican party convention! With a crowd of 1,200 in attendance, Mark brought the delegates to their feet several times as he outlined how he will fix the problems with Washington. His Maine-style common sense resonated with the Republicans! Mar’s stance on Planned Parenthood, religious liberties, and gun rights were only three of the topics he covered!

Apr 22 Mark Score’s Highest
The Immigration for America organization released its candidate survey results at the Maine GOP convention on Friday! Mark scored much higher than the lawyer from North Yarmouth – no surprise there! Congressman Poliquin did not complete the survey. Mark is proud of his common sense approach to immigration and the need to secure our borders and on his strong stance on national security!  

Apr 22 Apr 22 Mark On Howie Carr Show
Mark was interviewed by Howie Carr and given the chance make a distinction between himself and the other candidate. “I have been described by those who know us best within the Maine Republican party as a Ted Cruz-type Republican while the other candidate is described as a Susan Collins-type Republican”.

Apr 16 Mark Was Interviewed on WGAN
Mark discussed some of the most important topics to Maine people and responded to callers on WGAN radio on Saturday. Mark shared his views on the three most frequently brought up topics in Maine’s 1s Congressional District: the failures of V.A., the illegal immigration crisis, and our anemic economy.

Apr 7 Mark Met With Start-up Company CEO
Mark was invited to meet with company CEO Mark MacMahon and his team to learn about his new Maine-based high tech company, X2X. JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! Maine's 1st District needs more high-paying jobs like those offered at X2X!

Apr 6 Mark Attended A Private Meeting
Mark was honored to be invited to attend a private meeting with some the state’s most knowledgeable and influential Republicans. His pithy commentary and dry humor kept the crowd of 60 entertained and informed.

Mar 29 Special Election
Mark spent the day in Biddeford helping his friend Steve Martin on the special election. It was a very long day standing out in the cold wind greeting voters at the Biddeford High School. When the polls closed at 8:00 Mark and the rest of Team-Martin waited for all of the votes to be counted. It was soo close.

Mar 19 Mark Teaches Firearms Class
It was a lovely but cold Saturday morning on the range teaching basic pistol firearms training! The NRA is Americas’ best chance for freedom! As with most of the courses about half of the classmates were women!

Mar 17 Mark Attends HOME School Conference
I had the pleasure of attending the Home Schooling conference at the Samoset in Rockport this past week! About 800 people from Maine who are devoted to providing the best education for their children possible. I listened and learned about their reasons for making the choice to turn their backs on public education despite the added economic expense to their families. I listened to their disgust with the Department of Education at the State and Federal level. I came away with a very well-informed view of the moral, ethical, and educational degradation of public education. I did not hear anyone complain about public school teachers but only the bureaucratic rulers of the Department of Education. Public education has become a perversion of a well-intended public asset.  I commend every family who has made the choice to home school their children.

Mar 15 Radio Interview
Mark was interviewed by the iconic radio and TV host, Mal Leary, following the Secretary of State’s approval of the nomination paper signatures! Stay tuned for the air time!

Mar 15 Mark Submits Signatures to Secretary of State
Mark and one of his Senior Advisors tallied the signature count, 1,401. They submitted 1,294 to the Secretary of State and 1,286 of them were certified! The campaign had 36 volunteers collecting signatures! No paid staff!


Mar 5 Republican Caucus
Saturday was the statewide caucus day for all Mainers to get out and participate in the presidential preference voting and to meet with fellow Republicans! Attendance tripled the last caucus four years ago! Mark gave a heartwarming and inspiring speech at the York County caucus in Biddeford and afterwards 5 more people signed up to volunteer!

Mar 5 Campaign Sign
Mark picked up the first in a series of 8 foot - long custom crafted campaign signs and displayed it in the back of his Ford truck from Kennebec County to York County! The American flag, the Ford truck, and the red white and blue “Holbrook for Congress” sign – an iconic American image!

Mar 3 Mark Addresses “Issues and Answers” Group in South Portland
Mark gave an introductory platform speech to about 35 people at their monthly meeting in S. Portland where he picked up some exuberant supporters. “I’m voting for him…”


Feb 25 Mark on The Ray Richardson Show
Mark was a guest on the Ray Richardson (WLOB) radio show for 2 ½ hours . Mark explained his support for moving the forensic patients out of Riverview Psychiatric Center and to their own safe and secure facility. 
Having been a mobile crisis worker for 2 years, a social worker at the Maine State prison for 2 years, and completed a 1-year pre-doctoral internship at Riverview, Mark has a unique and well-informed perspective on the issue.

Feb 16 Mark Attends Cumberland County Committee Meeting
Mark attended the Cumberland County Republican Committee meeting in Yarmouth amidst the howling wind and rain. The 60 or so attendees heard updates on the caucus from Maine GOP Chairman, Rick Bennett. Mark was asked to give a brief speech updating his campaign successes including having achieved a major milestone - 83 volunteers!

Feb 12 Mark Attends Lincoln Day Events
Mark joined 106 of the party faithful at the 1882 Farm, Bristol, to celebrate President Lincoln's birthday. Headlining the party was Anne LePage and Senator Susan Collins. Highlights of the evening were a rendition of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address by "The President" himself and music from the era by Julia Lane and Fred Gosbee. In the morning, Mark attended the Lincoln Day Breakfast, at which Gov LePage gave an inspiring and humorous speech.

Feb 10 Support for Making Riverview Safe
Mark’s letter to the editor supporting the transfer of forensic patients out of Riverview Psychiatric Center was published in the Bangor Daily News. 

Feb 4 Mark's Campaign Kickoff Part II
Mark had his second campaign kickoff event at Mill 67 in Sanford! The first campaign kickoff in early December included an overflow crowd in Portland! This second event was to show our supporters in the southern part of the state our appreciation and offer them a chance to celebrate our successes.


Dec 12 Mark Supporting The Shooting Sports
Mark was at the Scarborough Rod and Gun Club as an NRA Pistol Instructor teaching the safe handling and proper use of firearms to people new to the sport. On the firing line, teaching marksmanship skills, the young lady in the photo below was a pleasure to work with! Her dad had taught her a lot about pistol safety and marksmanship when she was a child and those skills came back to her quickly!


Dec 7 WGAN Radio Interview
Mark was interviewed on the Ken & Mike show and asked questions about his candidacy for Maine’s 1st District. You can find the audio file of the interview on the WGAN here.

Dec 4 Campaign Kickoff
Hosted by Kathy Harding at the Cumberland Club in Portland, Mark's campaign kickoff was a huge success with more than 80 people in attendance!











Dec 1 New England Psychologist As an expert on personal safety, Mark was quoted in the recent edition of the New England Psychologist for a story on celebrity stalking! (read more...

Sep 29 Cumberland Fair
Mark was there to help staff the Cumberland County Republican Committee booth at the Cumberland fair! A lot of people were interested in our campaign and signed up to volunteer and receive our campaign newsletter!

Sep 26 Elliot Fair
Mark walked with the York County Republican Committee in the Elliot parade. It was great fun! We were so close to their homes it seemed like we were walking through people’s backyard barbecues! These small town fairs and festivals are the best family-fun experiences in the world!


Sep 12 Mark Announces His Candidacy
At the Cumberland County Republican Committee annual Trap Shoot and fundraiser Mark announced his candidacy for Maine’s 1st Congressional District to a group of shooting sports enthusiasts and Republican supporters!

Aug 29 Mark Attends the Acton Fair
It was the shortest parade in history but one of the most enjoyable places on earth! They had delicious food, fun rides, historic exhibits, and wonderful homegrown fun!

Jul 18 Mark Attends the Alfred Fair
On a steamy July day Mark walked in the Alfred parade and helped staff the York County Republican Committee booth! The Alfred parade was huge by comparison! I got teary-eyed when I saw the Farmall Cub tractor! My grandfather had the same model and it is what I learned to drive on. A 10-year old learns a lot about life backing the hay wagon into the barn sitting in the seat of one of those things!



Apr 7 Mark’s Training at NENA Conference
Mark spent the day training at the Maine Chapter of the New England Emergency Number Association annual training in South Portland. Dispatchers and administrators from across Maine came out with one of the largest attendances in their history to hear Mark’s presentation. Despite his campaign activities Mark continues to give back to the law enforcement community. 

Mar 17 2014 Incivility in Politics! Mark speaks out against the incivility in politics. (read more...

Sep 2009 Grad Psych Magazine Mark fought hard to expand educational opportunities in Maine! (read more...

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