National Security/Terrorism

Right now, an implied white flag is up and the welcome mat is out for terrorists. Our navy has gone from over 500 ships, to half that. America is getting bullied and the world and our country has become a dangerous place. ISIS may have been a JV team; Obama enabled it to become Varsity. This has got to stop! We need to get smart and we need to get tough, just like our parents and forebears who have so bravely defended our great Country.

1. Battling "Radical Islamic Terrorism" has got to start by uttering those words, followed by eliminating their geographic base of operation. 

2. We need to take the shackles off our fine military and let them reduce ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban and the rest to a manageable level. We may not be able to eliminate them, but ceding them territory from which to base operations enables their direct threat, to say nothing of the horror of sexual enslavement and genocide they inflict on captured populations.

Coalitions are fine for feel-good, TV consumption, but the unfettered Marines are the way to get the job done. We are never going to force Sunni and Shia Muslims to get along. They have been fighting over religion and turf for centuries and this will likely continue. But we must keep our country safe! I say: go in, get rid of the bad guys whenever necessary, leave, then do it again as required. Encourage moderate Muslim countries to police their neighborhoods. Minimize loss of American life. 

3. We must insist on the help of the domestic Islamic community to push back against Radical Islamic Terror. They have been silent, and their silence equates to tacit support. I have no problem monitoring or profiling any place or group within the bounds of our Constitution, which evidence demonstrates as potential criminal threats. Muslims are welcome here as is anyone else! But it is essential that they come here to assimilate as Americans! Sharia law is incompatible with our Constitution and it is morally objectionable. 

4. Our security has got to start with controlling our borders, and evicting illegal aliens and those who have over-stayed their visas. Kate's Law, E-Verify, the elimination of santuary cities and other immigration security measures are essential. Close the border, vet new legal immigrants and follow our laws! see Immigration.

5. We need to re-build our military. The need for large armies of infantry soldiers is likely outdated and no longer required. We need the capability of putting 10,000 to 50,000 boots on the ground anywhere on the planet within 12 hours, with backup and support. Our military should be lighter, faster, stronger, higher-tech and pack more punch. Most importantly, we need to re-build the morale of our troops, which includes taking care of our veterans.

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