JOBS! & The Economy

I cannot overstress the importance of getting our economy going again. Our population is expanding; our economy must expand to absorb new workers. An expanding economy creates competition for workers which increases wages. An expanding economy increases government income so we can reduce the deficit, pay down debt, protect ourselves and fund our programs. 


But taxes and regulations are killing us. At 0.8% GDP growth in 1Q 2016 and 1.2% in 2Qwho’s coming to Maine for a nice vacation? We need to grow at 4%+ to get back to economic health.

Jobs result when entrepreneurs and companies put money at risk in hopes of a profit. They will not take that risk if taxes and regulations strangle them. Kennedy and Reagan knew it and cut taxes.

I believe Maine is a fantastically fertile place for enterprise. I will fight for lower taxes for everybody, including the tax-free repatriation of $2 trillion our corporations have parked off-shore. Think about $2 trillion seeking out a profit inside our economy, and it doesn't cost us a dime!

Let's look at some of the facts

  • Do you really believe the Government's Unemployment rate? You shouldn't! That 4.9% is among those LOOKING for jobs. Many have given up. They didn't evaporate, they're still eating. They're burning through savings or on disability or welfare.
  • An important measure of unemployment is the Labor Force Participation Rate - able-bodied, working age folks who have a job. Labor Force Participation rate reached its lowest point in 38 years, at just 62.4%
Government cannot command or legislate business to take risk and create jobs. Government can only provide a fertile environment - mainly by getting out of the way.

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