How about simply enforcing our laws?

A fence works around the White House, the Democrats set up a 4 mile long, 8' high fence around their Convention, a substantial wall in Israel has been very successful. It will work on our borders. 450,000 visitors overstay their visas every year. Let's track them and assist them to leave, as they agreed, as other countries do. I support an enhanced E-Verify and Kate's Law, a mandatory federal sentence for deported illegals who return to our country.

For the new folks coming in, it makes no sense not to thoroughly vet them, or keep them out! We have had many “eras” of immigration, even periods of no immigration. We have always set standards and examined immigrants to meet them. There is no reason to abandon this careful, time-proven process.


Let me explain why we have an immigration problem: politicians on both sides of the aisle have waffled because they prefer the status quo. Democrats need to supplement their underclass voters and both parties are influenced by Agribusiness' thirst for cheap labor.

Our laws have not been enforced. This has lead to porous borders, sanctuary cities, the release of felons back into society, chain migration, cheating on H1B visas, visa overstays and a big mess. 

Now, the pressure is on because of Radical Islamic Terrorism and the increasing burden on states because of the expense of crime, healthcare, education and welfare due to our broken system. Americans have had enough!

In a series of Immigration Acts in the early 1920's, the US greatly restricted immigration in order to provide time for the assimilation of the huge influx during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, "to preserve the ideal of American homogeneity". It worked. 

It is crystal clear we have to do something and I am hopeful there is political energy to get it done. Here's what I support.

  • Accept no refugees without thorough examination, and only on a temporary basis.
  • Close the borders: Wall, technology, drone, moat, whatever gets it done.
  • Track visitors on visas and "assist" them to depart, as they agreed when entering.
  • Pass Kate's Law (for future returning felon deportees).
  • Improve E-Verify reporting and enforcement: make it mandatory, establish "photo matching",  integrate drivers' licenses, incentivize use, curtail I-9.
  • Find and deport all illegal immigrant felons.
  • Tighten up on "chain" immigration. We want immigrants based on merit.
  • Get tougher on special working permit visas, like H1B.
  • Illegal aliens will have to leave. Once out, an illegal alien who has never been charged with a felony or more than one misdemeanor, and has never received taxpayer money, may apply to return to the United States. If an illegal alien took taxpayer money, they may make arrangements to repay it as part of their application to return.
YOU decide who comes into your house. WE, as citizens, decide who comes into our Country. That is not mean, greedy, racist or bigoted. If we do not control who comes to our country, we do not have a country.

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