I am proud to show you some of the people and organizations who have endorsed my run for Congress. If YOU would like to make an endorsement, click in the form below and let me know!

Christian Civic League of Maine
Augusta, ME - October 4, 2016 and October 2018

Christian Civic League statement on Maine's First Congressional District race:

Maine's  First Congressional District has a clear choice on November 8th. Rarely have the voters of CD1 seen two federal candidates standing in such stark contrast.

Mark Holbrook's faith and character will direct him to be a defender of the unborn, religious freedom, and traditional values in Washington DC. His experience with veterans and law-enforcement will guide him in striving to make our government efficient while at the same time effective in helping those who truly need assistance.

The Christian Civic League urges the faith community, social conservatives, and citizens who still believe in the Constitution and commonsense to support and vote for Mark Holbrook.

National Right to Life Committee

"National Right to Life is pleased to endorse you for election to the U.S. House of Representatives, to represent the 1st congressional district of Maine."

Gun Owners of Maine

"You are awarded a Gun Owners of Maine gun rights grade of 'A'. Congratulations!" Todd Tolhurst, GOM I am very pleased to have my efforts to protect our Constituion recognized by the good people at GOM! 


National Rifle Associaition
I am humbled and thrilled to have the financial suport and Endorsement from this guardian of our Second Amendment rights! 





Carly Fiorina
The former Presidential Candidate visited Portland, Wednesday Sep 7, to endorse Mark's Campaign. After lunch, Ms. Fiorina, a rising star in the Republican universe, spoke to an audience of 100 for thirty minutes. Her consistant theme was the corruption which results from the concentration of power in Washington and the need for a return to the citizen-legislator. WMTW reports

Sportsman's Alliance of Maine
In 2016 Endorsed!

In 2018 "Congratulations!  The Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine Political Action Committee (SAM PAC) has awarded our highest grade of A+ for your candidacy to the U.S. Congress. We appreciate the time you put into our lengthy questionnaire."

E. H., State GOP Convention, Bangor, ME
"I heard you speak at the Maine Republican Convention. Oh, how I hope that you win!"

Terry R. Belanger, Army Veteran. Biddefrod, ME 
Terry is an Army vetran from the Viet Nam era who suffers from PTSD and he is a registered Democrat. "Mark Holbrook seems to have a special place in his heart for people who suffer from PTSD. Mark is a learned Statesman and cares about all human beings. A vote for Mark would not be wasted."

Daniel Davey, Knox County Sheriff (Ret.) 

"I'm supporting Mark Holbrook in his bid for Maine's First Congressional District seat. Mark is a true patriot, with the desire, knowledge of the issues and integrity to help bring our Nation back to the values and greatness that it once was."

Art Boulay, Strategic Talent Management. Small Business Owner.

"I have interacted with Mark many times over the past few years. He is sensible, practical and thoughtful. I can think of no better endorsement of someone to represent me in Congress. Like many of us, he has been on the receiving end of government working well and not so well. Mark will be a much needed breath of fresh air in Washington."

Paula G. Sutton, Candidate for House District 95.  Small business owner, native Mainer, and outdoor enthusiast.

"I am supporting Mark Holbrook for Congress because he is a man of strength, integrity, and determination. With him protecting our rights in Washington I can sleep better at night."  


David Lovejoy, Chief Operations Officer with the State of Maine Corrections


 "I'm being very honest when I say, that Mark is the right choice for Congress and will do an excellent job. Mark has my full support, as well as many others within Law Enforcement, Corrections and Fire/Rescue."



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