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Unfortunately, we live in a world of Political Personal Destruction, whereby a desperate opponent lies, creates a fictional narrative, and then pays their minions to spread the fallacy far and wide. Sadly the San Francisco-style of scorched earth politics has been adopted by one of my opponents. He has attacked me professionally forcing me to bring clarity into the maelstrom of media malarkey. Some media outlets have unwittingly added to the confusion.

I have four degrees in psychology with my highest degree being a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.   The term “clinical psychologist” is a legislated credential that I do not hold. Never have held the license. I do hold a Psychological Examiner’s license and a Licensed Clinical Professional Councilor’s license. Offering a deeper understanding of all the licenses is far beyond my campaign’s scope. If you are interested in more information you will have to read all the state laws and regulations.

Mark Holbrook, Ph.D. was born in Brunswick, Maine. His parents moved to the area soon after they married, to raise a family. His dad was a mechanic and later a truck driver. Mark and his family spent their summers helping out on the family farm and fishing in Casco Bay.


Higher Education: 
University of Southern Maine, Bachelor's Degree, magna cum laude, Psychology
Auburn University, Montgomery, AL, Master Degree in Psychology
Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA, Master Degree in Psychology
Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA, Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology
Maine Criminal Justice Academy, Vassalboro, ME
United States Coast Guard100 Ton Master's License

My Family

Volunteer Service
Volunteer fireman - former 
National Safe Place, Safety Committee - former 
Sunday School Teacher - former 
Rivers and Coastal Waters Commission - current 
Pro bono Mental Health Services - current

From my first job shoveling out a chicken barn to my current one, I've learned some important lessons about life.

  • Twelve years in law enforcement taught me a lot about people.
  • Two years on the psychiatric unit at the Super Maximum security prison taught me a lot about compassion.
  • All of the years working in non-profit community mental health and residential agencies taught me a lot about fiscal responsibility.
  • All of my time working on the ocean and on my grandfather's farm taught me about commonsense.
  • Four years as a social worker taught me a lot about community involvement. 
  • As an educator, I’ve learned patience.
  • As a parent, I’ve learned humility.
  • As a husband, I’ve learned the importance of compromise
  • As the Executive Director of a non-profit agency I was able to double our revenues and expand the programs and services designed to help runaway and homeless youth.


  • National Rifle Association, Instructor, Patriot level Lifetime Member
  • Sportsman's Alliance of Maine, Life Member
  • American Psychological Association
  • Society of Police and Criminal Psychologists
  • International Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Maine Criminal Justice Academy, Adjunct Instructor
  • Southern New Hampshire University, Adjunct Instructor

"As a self-employed businessman, I have experienced onerous governmental regulations, the struggle to pay bills, pay taxes, provide for my family, and just the struggle to spend time with them. I love Maine! To borrow a southern phrase, "American by birth and Mainer by the Grace of God."  But the economic climate needs to improve, so that we can all share in the experience of and not just in the sentiment: “Maine, the way life should be.

Social Services Leader:
Leadership  As the Executive Director of a nonprofit agency Dr. Holbrook was able to double the revenues and significantly increased program services to homeless children and adolescents.

As a program supervisor Mark and one of the teenagers in his facility was pregnant. Dr., Holbrook had a standing order to be notified whenever the young girl went into labor because he didn’t want her to be alone when she gave birth. One morning at 2:00 a.m. he received the call and went to the hospital and held the girls hand while she gave birth.

Mark helped this 17 year-old former gangbanger make healthy decisions while she was in the program and as a result she was able to be reunited with her 3 year-old daughter.

Brunswick Republican Town Committee
Mark joined in 2012 and was soon elected Secretary, then Chairman. Among his accomplishments: new enrollment, setting up the web site, and updating the By-Laws. 


 The southernmost point of U.S. 1!

Chimney Pond, Mt KatahdinSpring and fall are my favorite seasons to visit Katahdin.

"I'm acrophobic and not liking this climb.

Thumbs up. I survived the climb and beat my fear!

"Burning the midnight oil and not happy about the interuption. I'm ready to go home!"

The joke in my family is that my father's ancestors landed on the shores of the New Meadows River and my mother's ancestors were there to meet them.

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