Dr. Mark Holbrook, Candidate for Congress

 You have been represented in Congress by Democrats for 20 years. Are you happy with the results? I am running for Congress to give you a Choice for Change. It's time!

My name is Mark Holbrook. I earned a PhD. in clinical psychology and serve Vets, police officers, and active duty military personnel in my practice. I've been a cop, a teacher, a lobsterman, a volunteer fireman, and a commercial diver. I hold a USCG 100 ton Masters license. I am called to run for Congress because your voice and my voice are not being heard in Washington. There is enormous dysfunction, and a deaf ear for you and me.

The progressive ultra-liberal democrat holding the seat is missing in action. She has an unresponsive record representing Maine’s 1st District, preferring to jet around with the beautiful people of the ruling class, and avoiding Town Hall meetings with the people she is supposed to represent. Her biggest legislative concerns are food labeling, butterflies, and taxpayers paying for abortions on-demand. She has no understanding of the importance of our 2nd Amendment. 

I can't wait to show Washington what Maine Common Sense, clear thinking and hard work can do! National security, jobs, a broken Immigration system, a disgraceful Veterans Administration, job-killing taxes, and a government-run healthcare system? On your behalf, I intend to get these fixed!

I believe in the citizen-legislator form of government that Maine has treasured forever. Farmers, fishermen, and businessmen and women left their plows and boats and shops to “do their time” in Augusta or Washington. And then they went back home. My great grandfather did it. He served his community, bringing fresh ideas and energy to the tasks of the period then made way for even fresher ideas and more energy from the next wave of citizen-legislators.

The Tip Of The Spear, aiming Maine values and common sense at Washington

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